About us

What is Hopstock ?

Created in 2017 / experimental hop farm: 1,3 acres, 29 varieties

±150 producers supported /±35 planted acres /Objective 2025 : 100 acres

Seedling nursery

Cultivation material

structure and harvest

Training and advices

Marketing assistance

Our brand

Located in French Flanders, in Hazebrouck, the HOPSTOCK company is The driving force behind the relocation of hops in Francethanks to the establishment of an ecosystem of actors and structuring and innovative projects: experimental hop farm and nursery of 2 acres, varietal selection project, events and training throughout France.

We have helped some 150 producers since 2017 to create their hop project on areas ranging from a few hundred square meters to more than 10 acres: Project study, layout of the structure, supply of poles, cables, seedlings, cultivation equipment, organization of the harvest, creation of the ITK, crop monitoring, marketing assistance.

Amateur hop growers also contribute, thanks to hopstock.fr, to relocate hops to gardens, balconies, public and associative green spaces, in all departments of metropolitan France and overseas.

Photo of a hop farm