3 in 1 soil multimeter


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3 in 1 soil multimeter

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The humidity, PH and temperature parameters are very important to analyze to obtain good hop growth and thus a good harvest, there is a simple way to know these elements and modify the parameters: the soil multimeter 3 in 1 allows you to know (almost) everything about your soil!

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Humidity range: 1-10 (1-3 dry, 4-7 medium, 8-10 wet).

Brightness: 0-2000 lux (0-200 low, 200-500 low to medium, 500-1000 medium, 1000-2000 high).

pH range: 3.5-8 pH (3.5-6.5 acidic, 7-8 alkaline).


Usage tips:

Step 1: switch to humidity/pH/light position.

Step 2: Push the probe into the ground

Step 3: Slightly adjust the position of the probe until the pointer on the dial swings.

Step 4: After 10 minutes, read the humidity/pH/light level in the dial.

Step 5: Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use and store away from moisture and frost.


If your soil is too dry, the PH index will be incorrect, moisten your soil and wait an hour before starting the operation again

The multimeter is for measuring soil only, use in liquid will affect the sensitivity of the sensors.

Clean the probe after each use

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