“Frog” type cable pulling pliers 0.5T / 1T / 2T


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“Frog” type cable pulling pliers 0.5T / 1T / 2T

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  • Cable-pulling pliers for assembling the hop plant: tensioning the anchoring cables, long wires and transverse cables.
  • Maintenance: every year, the threads can be loosened in winter and re-tightened in spring
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Safety: Clamp equipped with a safety device, to prevent the wire from coming out of the clamp.



  • 0.5 T
    • Width x thickness: 145*70*40mm
    • for cable: 1-10mm
    • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • 1 T:
    • Width x thickness: 190*80*40mm
    • For cable: 2.5-16mm
    • Weight: 0.76kg
  • 2 T:
    • Width x thickness: 250*100*50mm
    • For cable: 4-22mm
    • Weight: 1.43 kg
  • 3 T:
    • Width x Thickness: 340*140*70mm
    • for cable: 16-32mm
    • Weight: 2.47 kg

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Weight 2 kg

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