Saaz hop plant – pot


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Saaz hop plant – pot

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A plant in a 2 liter pot has a complete root system, it is 1 year old, it is sent to the unit packed in such a way as to maintain the soil and the roots in the pot during the trip. Easy to plant and with good growth, it can be planted all year round but the best planting period will be from October to March to improve the chances of recovery.

It comes from vegetative propagation or in-vitro multiplication.
If the soil, watering and sunshine conditions are ideal, it can produce from the first year.

Yield low
2.4% - 6.1%

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The potted hop plant that we produce and sell are exclusively female plants.
They produce hop flowers, used in brewing beer, herbal tea or decoration.

Advantages of pot planting

The potted hop plant has the advantage of developing more quickly than the bare root, because the roots and rootlets are already in their substrate and only need water at the start.

If you are still looking to convince yourself to grow hops at home, take a look at the article5 reasons to grow hop at home !

A plant in pot can produce up to 400g per plant in the third year. Veillez aux conditions de plantation, à la qualité et la profondeur de sol, ainsi qu’à une irrigation régulière.

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