One year old bare root – Prima Donna hop


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One year old bare root – Prima Donna hop

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The one year old bare root hop is initially a plant in a bucket having spent a period of “ripening” in the ground, its developed root system (20 to 35cm) allows it to easily resist several weeks of cold storage (2-4ºC) and frost if planted in the fall.

It is derived from vegetative propagation or in vitro propagation

It has a good chance of giving cones from the first year if the conditions of sunshine, soil, watering and maintenance are favorable.

It is the form of hop most used by professionals for the installation of their hop farm.

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There are alsotwo years old bare roots !


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Prima Donna
Yield medium
5.6 - 9.3%

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The variety

Prima Donna is a British dwarf variety, quite versatile, it can be added at any time during the boil and in raw hopping. It is characterised by an aroma of mandarin, orange and cinnamon.
Can be brewed for the following beers: Porter, English bitter, wheat beer, celtic ale, summer ale, amber ale, dark amber ale, IPA and imperial IPA

If you want more details about this variety, you can find it on the website !

Bare hop root is the form favored by hop growers in Europe.
The bare root hops we sell are female plants.
They are used for the production of hop flowers, used in brewing, herbal tea and decoration.

Benefits of bare root hops

Ithey have the advantage of producing from the first year and reach 100% yields in the second year.
Good planting conditions, quality, soil depth, as well as regular watering will allow optimal development of your hops.
If you are looking for a more accessible form of hops, you can try pot hops

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