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Buy hop plants, rhizomes

We grow more than 30 varieties in our nursery

Need equipment ?

There's everything you need to build your own hop yard

Certified organic

Fast delivery

Cultivation tips

Support for professional projects

Ask for a quotefor your hop structure

Poles, cable, hardware, plants, machinery: we supply all the equipment needed to set up a hop yard.

Find the right harvester and dryer a picker, a dryer, or a hop press

Turn your hops flowers into pellets

Send us your hops, we will send them back pelletized and vacuum-packed

Pre-order your plants (professional growers)From 1000 plants!

Register to our courses and learn how to grow hops from planting to harvesting

We run thematic training courses on hops: management of hop mildew, organisation of the harvesting workshop, introduction to the mechanical maintenance of hop machines, economic set-up, technical itinerary, etc.

These training courses are intended for professional farmers, and can be financed by VIVEA.

We are the Hopteam !A small team of 9 enthusiasts who look after your hops!

Photo de l'équipe d'Hopstock

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HOPSTOCK is certified BIO

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